Disaster Management

This District Disaster Management Plan for the year 2013-14 for the District of North 24 Parganas has been prepared by the Disaster Management Section of the Office of the District Magistrate, North 24 Parganas. The entire North 24 Parganas district is vulnerable to multi-hazards e.g. natural calamities like Flood, Cyclone, Hailstorm - Kalbaishakhi, Earthquake, Drought and Breach of Embankment. In fact there are High Risk Multi-Hazard Zones. Apart from these natural hazards occurrences of man-made disasters like major fire, roadway/ railway/ waterway accidents, industrial/chemical hazards, terrorist attacks etc. are also possible. This disaster management plan has been formulated in the context of both natural and man-made disasters to tackle the multi-hazard risks in the current year 2013-14 and includes the factors like ever-growing population, rapid unplanned urbanization, increasing industrialization, development within high risk zones, environmental degradation, climate change, state and national security, economy and sustainable development etc. 


  1. To minimize loss of human lives and property by adopting preparedness measures to effectively handle disaster situations.
  2. To make the government and other stakeholder organizations able to get prepared and act in time to manage any disaster in a pro-active preplanned well coordinated manner.